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No more distracted driving

Launching September 25th - Only on Ready Mobile

Groove pauses SMS and other phone distractions while driving, keeping the ones you love safe, and giving you peace of mind.

Katie Couric uses Groove

How Groove works

Can work with or without software on your phone.

Ready Mobile and Groove have come together to create the most effective distracted driving solution available.

The only solution that works with most phones, even iPhone.


Intelligent system that knows when, and when not to, block distractions.

The Groove module plugs into a socket under your steering wheel and is compatible with all vehicles made after 1996.

30 second setup

The only solution that stops distractions in the Wireless Network.

Get the world's most reliable wireless service combined with the latest technology for safe driving called Groove only available on Ready Mobile and release the worry about the safety of your loved ones driving while distracted.


As U.S. States Enact Tougher Driving Distracted Laws, Ready Mobile Launches Nationwide Solution for Consumers to Stop Driving Distracted.

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"Being a parent, I cannot imagine getting a phone call that says there's been an accident," Tibbitts emotionally conveyed. "And everybody that's in this is in this because those phone calls are going to go away."

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On May 8, 2008, Dave Sueper was driving to a business meeting when he was struck and killed by a distracted teenage driver who had run a red light.

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The National Safety Council reports that 26 percent of U.S. car accidents are caused by cell phones, but a new invention may just help save some lives on the road.

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In the News

Get the best SAFE DRIVING solution available!

You can be one of the first to get your hands on this new technology and get great mobile service too.

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