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Check Compatibility

Check your phone's compatibility with the Ready Mobile network

Get Ready Mobile service and keep the phone you love! We'll check your compatibilty and help you shop for what you need to bring your phone, register and activate your service.

This is the unique identifier for your phone. Find if by any of the following ways:

  1. Dial *#06# on your keypad
  2. Look at the sticker behind your battery (may be HEX/DEC #)
  3. Go to settings on your phone
    iPhone: Settings > General > About
    Android: Settings > About > Phone > Status

Enter the information to see if your phone is compatible with the Ready Mobile network

Questions on bringing your own device?

The easiest way to know for certain is to enter your phone’s ESN or ICCID above and click on ‘Check Compatibility’. You will generally find that information behind the battery, or in the ‘About Phone’ section in the settings menu. You can also contact our support team for assistance at (800) 570-3869.

This is also known as “porting”. In most cases you can do this, however, some exceptions do apply. Call us to check on your number’s availability if you have any questions. Here is the information you will need in order to move your phone number to your new Ready Mobile phone:

  1. If you’re already a Ready Mobile customer, gather the following information for a Customer Service agent and dial 611 on your phone:

    • Billing Name on current account
    • Address as it appears on your current billing statement
    • Phone number you want to keep
    • Account Number for the current provider (this is generally not the same as the phone number, please confirm)
    • 4 Digit Pin used to access the account
    • Last four of your Social Security Number (if different than your PIN)
    • Valid contact number and/or email which is not either number involved in the port (in case we need to contact you)
  2. If you don’t yet have your phone set up at Ready Mobile, call Customer Service at (800) 570-3869. Tell them you want to PORT your CURRENT PHONE NUMBER to your NEW PHONE. (NOTE: your previous account will have to be active, and not in a contract in order to be released to us)

  3. Customer Service will manage the change.

  4. There are no charges or fees associated with keeping your phone number.

  5. Once completed you will need to program your phone. An email will be sent with programming instructions once the Port is completed.

    • We do our best to complete this process as quickly as possible, however the port process can take 24-48 business hours to complete. (Most will complete sooner, but it varies based on current provider.)
    • Your current provider generally will respond promptly, but officially has up to 72 hours to release your number to us. We cannot control this timeline.
    • There will be a period of time where both your old phone and Ready Mobile phone will be without service during the port process.
    • Because of the above factors, we do not recommend starting the port process on Fridays, as you could be without service over the weekend should anything go wrong.
    • Any inaccurate information will delay the port process and you will be without phone service during this time. Please be sure all of the above information is accurate before calling to begin the port process.

Once your SIM kit arrives, power off the phone. Then simply insert the SIM card, and power it back on for over-the-air activation. Some older models may require additional steps. If your phone is not activating, please contact the support team at (800) 570-3869 from another phone, and we will be happy to assist with the activation.

You can find the SIM card requirements on the manufacturer website for your phone. You can also remove the SIM tray (in many models) and match that up with the proper SIM size once your “Bring Your Own Phone” package arrives. If you need any assistance, our support team is happy to help (800) 570-3869.